Silver Meteorite Orb Star Necklace

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Our Silver Meteorite Orb Star Necklace is ideal for everyday wear or special occasions and is the perfect gift for the person who has it all.

This necklace features a free spinning orb of meteorite caged in a stylish star shaped silver pendant. Ever wanted to own something from out of this world? Well this is your chance, with this necklace you will be able to carry a little bit of space wherever you go. 

Perfect as a gift for a loved one or yourself, our Silver Meteorite Orb Star Necklace comes in an elegant textured presentation box complete with information card and certificate of authenticity.  

Available on four different chain lengths, please choose the desired length from the drop down menu.

About the stone:

Over 100,000 years ago, a handful of Muonionalusta meteorites impacted earth. Searches for the impact crater from the original shower have been in vain; the site where these specimens are found is in a remote area of northern Sweden, it is presumed they were carried there by glaciers.

The meteorites are extremely rare and are almost always buried! To make finding the specimens just a little harder Swedish law dictates that a license must be obtained, and then those pieces buried in the perma-frost must be excavated by hand.

Iron Nickel meteorites, like the Muonionsalusta generally start as the very core of a planet, the amazing Widmanstätten patterns (unearthly metallic grids in shimmering shades of grey and silver seen when the meteorite is sliced) are formed only in space. The molten centre of a planet’s core is cooled to form this metal at 1 degree per million years, then when the iron is removed the striking nickel crystal formations can be seen.

During ancient times meteorite was considered far more valuable than gold. Tutankhamen was found with meteorite daggers in his tomb and the ancient myth of Thor’s hammer, has been attributed to prized rare meteorite.

Made from:

Rhodium plated, Muonionalusta Meteorite set in sterling silver. Keep clean with an anti-tarnish cloth.


Meteorite orb 0.8 cm diameter, pendant 1.3 cm diameter.

Necklace length - 40cm, 45cm, 50cm and 60cm

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