One-off Amethyst Stalactite Flower Bracelet

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Our One-off Amethyst Stalactite Flower Bracelet is perfect for special occasion wear but can also be worn everyday.

A truly unique piece of jewellery, this gorgeous bracelet is a one-of-a-kind piece, only one bracelet has been made especially for you and, just like you, there are no other bracelets quite like this one. 

This bracelet features at its center a completely unique raw amethyst stalactite flower, the silver setting has been worked around the shape of the stone creating an unusual centerpiece to this bracelet. At either side of the amethyst flower, sixteen amethyst tabletop cut stones in various shapes and sizes, have been attached to each other creating a beautiful and fluid feel.

The workmanship on this bracelet is absolutely stunning and one can only imagine the hours of work that have gone into creating this piece. This is a bracelet that will most definitely create a stir, unusual and unique...just how we like it at Silver Scene.

This bracelet has a T-bar fastening and can be adjusted to fit wrist sizes 7", 7.5" and 8". T-bar bracelets are great as they are easy to take on and off by yourself, but must always be worn quite tightly around the wrist to avoid loosing them.

At Silver Scene we love to be different and that's why we have created our 'One-off' range, unique pieces of jewellery for unique people.

All Silver Scene jewellery comes lovingly packaged in a gift box.


This piece has been ethically designed and made by hand by Silver Scene Ltd in our workshops in Bali, Indonesia. It is an exclusive Silver Scene design and is limited to one piece only.

Made from

Amethyst Stalactite Flower and Amethyst set in Sterling Silver, keep clean with an anti-tarnish cloth.

About the stones

Amethyst Stalactite Flower

The combination of both Amethyst and stalactites is very rare and each one is completely unique. Usually akin to regular stalactites amethyst stalactites also hang in caves from the roof down. Stalactites begin with a single drop of water, and over millions of years, the mineral deposits from thousands of drops of water build to form the beautiful eye-like formation. Over a period, layer over layer begins to settle on top of each other. Various changes may take place during formation of amethyst stalactites stone. Once the agate nucleus is complete a purple amethyst crystal begins to form on the outside surface. Commercially amethyst stalactites are cut into crystal slices to expose the core of the stone.

Amethyst Stalactite is a gemstone for creativity, happiness, love, and healing. The Amethyst Stalactite stone promotes deep feelings of love and personal connection. This gemstone is perfect for those who want to breathe new life into their stale path.


Amethyst is the Birthstone for February and also the Horoscope stone for Pisces.

Amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos” translated as “not drunken” as it was believed to be a strong antidote for drunkenness. Wine goblets were often carved from the stone.

In the English Middle Ages, it was considered a symbol of royalty and used to decorate English regalia. Until the 18th century it was one of the most valuable stones along with diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald.

Amethyst is thought of as a protective stone and helps purify the mind and clear negative thoughts. It also helps with stress and anxiety and is a very calming stone.


Bracelet will fit wrist sizes 7", 7.5" and 8" approximately.

Amethyst Stalactite Flower 3.3cm x 2.3cm approx. Amethyst stones: round smallest 0.4cm diameter approx, round largest 0.65cm diameter approx. Oval smallest 0.75cm x 0.55cm approx, oval largest 0.9cm x 0.7cm approx. Teardrop 0.9cm x 0.7cm approx. Marquise 1.1cm x 0.5cm approx. Trllion smallest 0.65cm x 0.65cm approx, trillion largest 0.8cm x 0.8cm approx.

 Please be aware that as our stone jewellery is handmade and the stones are natural, dimensions and stone colours may vary slightly.

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