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Turritella Agate and Tourmaline Pluma Pendant

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Our gorgeous Turritella Agate and Tourmaline Pluma pendant is perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

This pendant features a stunning teardrop, cabochon, turritella agate stone in a simple setting. Creeping up one side of the stone, feather and twirl silver detailing has been hand worked by our silversmiths creating that "something a little different" we so love at Silver Scene. As a finishing touch, a single round, tabletop cut, tourmaline stone decorates and enhances the design.

This pendant is perfect worn on a short chain as a statement piece or on a long chain layered with other necklaces to create your own unique look. 

Perfect as a gift for a loved one or as a treat for yourself.

If you'd like a chain with this pendant please choose the desired design and length from the drop down menu. Chain shown in picture: Medium Snake Chain

All Silver Scene jewellery comes lovingly packaged in a gift box.


This piece has been ethically designed and made by hand by Silver Scene Ltd in our workshops in Bali, Indonesia. It is an exclusive Silver Scene design with very limited numbers.

Made from

Turritella Agate and Tourmaline set in Sterling Silver, keep clean with an anti-tarnish cloth.

About the stones

Turritella Agate

Turritella Agate is the popular name used for a rare and interesting material due to the visible fossilized animals crystalized in agate over 40 million years ago. Easily recognizable, it contains fossil snails that stand out in a white-to-tan colour that contrasts with the brownish agate. Found in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah in the USA, this organic gem was incorrectly named decades ago when it was thought that the spiral shaped snail fossils entombed within the stone were members of the marine Turritella genus. In fact the fossils are of the freshwater snail, Elimia tenera. The gem material became popular before the mistake was realised and therefore the name stuck.

Turritella Agate is believed to be a highly spiritual stone that is deeply connected to the earth and home. It is strongly associated with your personal roots and your ancestry. It is known as a survival stone as it is believed to carry energies of protection and strength. It also thought to lend the wearer the power of healing and of profound wisdom.


Tourmaline is the horoscope stone for Pisces and Gemini.

Tourmalines occur in a variety of colours ranging from magenta to teal blue. The name Tourmaline comes from Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) word tura mali, which translates as the stone of mixed colours.

Ancient legend states that tourmaline is the stone of many colours because of its travels along rainbows where it captured the rainbows' many beautiful colours. 

Tourmalines are renowned for their detoxifying properties and their ability to boost the immune system.


At widest points including bale 4.8cm x 2.6cm aprox. Turritella agate 3.3cm x 2.2cm aprox. Tourmaline 0.37cm diameter aprox.

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