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Rated 4.8 Stars on Facebook Reviews
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How we make our Unique Designs

Here at Silver Scene we have made a great name for ourselves over the years. With our experience via our shops and world travel we have spent many years being busy creating unique and individual hand made silver jewellery. We are well known for offering a fantastic range of gems from across the globe and we are constantly making and innovating new designs that are not only affordable but are all made using traditional techniques from Artisan Jewellers.
Opal rings ready for packing.          
We really want to tell you the story of the efforts involved in getting these piece’s made and ultimately creating beautiful jewellery at realistic prices with no compromise on quality or design.
The first clue we’ve already mentioned above is world travel, without getting to the source of our materials and makers we really wouldn’t have gotten very far, all our one-off pieces start with the stones. So, if we’re looking for Quartz we’ll speak to Daniel in Minas Gervais, for Opals, Edwin is our man in Sydney, Andrei in St Petersburg for our Russian stones and so on. This worldwide network of stone dealers is such a big factor, not only do we get the best selections of stones, all of our cutters and dealers know we will only take the best stones if the price is right. One of the key points in this business is being able to “buy the table”, or take a special stone order that was never paid for or maybe it was just a prolific mining year for a stone that will bring the cost down.
 Whatever the reason, "make hay when the sun shines" and grab the deals when they are available. Being flexible with the stone buying is a must and, as we have accumulated a wonderful stock of gem stones, we keep adding the right stones at the right prices into our stock.
Charoite our favorite Russian Gem Stone
So we’ve sourced the gem’s stones, we’ve hand carried or shipped them and finally we’re at the desk with our high graded stones. This is where we really start to create piece by piece.
OK, so the trick is not to completely re-invent each piece every time, the stone is always the hero and we love using accent stones, art nouveau styles and swirls to give beautiful movement and flow to our pieces.
If you already own a Silver Scene one-off piece, your unique item was first drawn, then we template the stone and give it a number. Each drawing will refer directly to the silver smith to translate it into a 3 dimensional piece.
Drawn and numbered ready to create.
Now, it might sound kind of easy but believe me, after hours of wire making, stone setting, soldering and polishing we finally end up with small batches of gorgeous one off pieces made with great skill by true artisans.
Gorgeous carved stones in an organic ring design.
Whilst our small design team, set in the heart of Bali’s silver smithing area, continue to make gorgeous bespoke designs based on each individual stone, we urge you to think about the mass produced world we live in. Know that we are still making jewellery as unique and personal as you are.
Dendritic Quartz
Dendritic Quartz from Brazil
Working on a new collection
Amethyst Flowers from Uruguay
At the bench with our sample maker.
Aquamarine and tourmaline.
Marcus Pearce
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