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Rated 4.8 Stars on Facebook Reviews
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About Us

 It’s hard to believe that Silver Scene has been trading for over 20 years, the company was born from a love of travelling in the mid 90’s and a desire to keep exploring the world whilst growing a career.

While budgeting on just a few pounds a day with Trudi, my then wife and now long term business partner, South East Asia was our best friend in 1997. The imminent calling of the 1st world and dwindling funds meant we’d soon be conforming into the hum drum life back in the UK. How could we keep this dream alive?

Spending time in central Bali had a profound effect on us, it was a craft centre for carvings, batik printing and a hub for hand made silver jewellery. 

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into a silver smith’s workshop, across that football field in Ubud. The smell and sound of a jewellery workshop is a wonderful thing, my eyes were greeted with the cherry red glow of solid silver being blasted with a flaming torch and a background symphony of hammering, polishing and filing. It was one of those moments in life when you suddenly know what you
want to do.

Of course, with no knowledge at all we spent the last of our funds filling cardboard boxes with random crafts and posting them home using the postal service (all fingers were crossed).

Marcus Pearce


Forward several months, having made Bristol our home in the UK, Trudi started gaining an insight into gems and shop sales while managing a Crystal shop. In the meantime, I built my own workshop in our garage at home and then found myself building a market stall. Desperate to find somewhere to hang our sarongs, woodcarvings and silver jewellery we set up stalls in Bristol and Taunton and soon ventured further a field into festivals and other events. We also recognised that clothing and carvings were not our thing, although if you check in any of our shops you’ll still find those sarongs being used to clean the glass, 20 years on.

As our stalls grew in size and became more popular we soon realised that the only way forward was to set down roots and have a more permanent place to display our jewellery in. We opened our first shop in the Old Market Centre in Taunton in July 1999, with Fiona as our Manager. Our first shop taught us many things and will always hold a special place in our hearts, it was our baby and paved the way for us to grow, open our other shops and ultimately our website. December, 2003 we opened our doors in Bristol, in The Arcade. The Lanes in Brighton became the home of our third shop in October 2006, followed by Totnes in May 2009. Our most recent addition to the family, our shop in Glastonbury in The Gauntlet Arcade, opened in May 2017. 
We have a wonderful, dedicated, hard working team taking care of our shops, customers and jewellery and we are very grateful to have these amazing people working by our sides. Nineteen years on, we are very lucky to still have Fiona with us, now Managing our Brighton outlet, with a wealth of knowledge in all things Silver Scene!  Kati, is our Operations Manager, also managing the Bristol team, Katie at the helm in Totnes, Kim in Taunton and Jenny in Glastonbury, each with a fabulous team. We all talk everyday and even though our shops are spread out across the south of England, we work as one team...we call it "the Silver Scene family".
Five shops, years of trade-shows and a world wide network of talented jewellers, gem cutters, casters, chain makers and stone setters our little black book doesn’t contain business contacts but friends we’ve grown up with and families we’ve grown strong with, our little network extends from Poland to Italy from Bali to Mexico and everywhere in between.

What a great twenty years it’s been. We’re a small company but we think big, we trade fair and we love what we do.


Marcus Pearce. Co-owner Silver Scene Ltd

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