My favourite stone

My favourite stone

We have an ever growing selection of semi-precious stones, online and in store. We are always excited to see new collections arrive with our stock, and expand the colours we have to offer.


We’re often asked which birth stone it is for the month. Though some of our most popular stones are moonstone and amethyst.


My personal favourite is Labradorite, and I don’t think I’m alone amongst our staff on this one. It’s easy to wear with most colours, as it is predominantly grey tone with variations of green, blue, pink and yellow rainbows shining through it. With each individual piece being so unique, it’s hard not to be lured into buying the same setting multiple times just to get a different colour!


This Labradorite pendant is mostly blue, and the ring mostly green, both birthday gifts to myself. I also have a very small pinky Labradorite, which I love to layer with multiple pendants and chains.


A popular stone with our customers, we’d love to see what Labradorite you own!


Love Kim xx

Trudi Northcott Victoria Ford
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