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Silver Scene's Fifth shop - Glastonbury

Silver Scene's Fifth shop - Glastonbury

Glastonbury is a colourful town, full of legends, spirituality and medieval history, a town where life is just a little bit different. Marcus and Trudi opened Silver Scenes fifth shop there, in May 2017, the perfect addition to the Silver Scene family. 

The beautiful shop is located on the High Street and fronts The Gauntlet, a quaint shopping thoroughfare with a vibrant mixture of independent shops.

Anyone who has been to Glastonbury will tell you that Glastonbury is not just a place you go shopping; Glastonbury is a shopping experience, a day out full of wonder and surprises, with a few purchases along the way.

Pictured: Inside The Gauntlet, showing Silver Scene's fabulous jewellery displays.

Pictured: Opening up our new store in, May 2017.

History of Glastonbury

The Gauntlet, located in the heart of the town centre, loved by all the locals and a fascinating place for tourists. In the past, the site manufactured gauntlet gloves, which gives it its name. It has been an archaeological site for many years, with the foundations of the buildings dating back to the early medieval period, now transformed into an independent shopping paradise.

The Tor is Glastonbury's most famous landmark and has a fine 360 degree view. It stands on a man-made hill and is a pre-Roman structure. Legend has it that there is a hidden cave beneath the hill. When visiting Glastonbury a walk up to the Tor is a must.

Pictured: One of our beautiful Labradorite pendants featured in front of Glastonbury's famous Tor. 


Meet the Manager- Jenny


What do you love about working for Silver Scene ltd?

'I love working for Silver Scene Ltd as, from the very beginning, the whole team was so welcoming and lovely. And who wouldn't love being surrounded by beautiful jewellery?!?! It's a very nice part of my job being able to admire its beauty all day long.'

Pictured: Stunning jewellery displays by Jenny.

What's your favourite stone?

'My favourite stone is Opal. The stone is so magical and each piece is so unique. I find myself lost in each piece! My collection is getting bigger by the day...They seem to wink at me. Although Opal is my fave, I also like Spectrolite stones. They just amaze me.'

At Silver Scene, our Opals have been individually hand picked by co-owner Marcus, bringing only the best quality Australian Opals to our designs. 

The ancient Greeks believed that Opals were formed from the tears of joy wept by Zeus when he defeated the titans, and that the Opal bestowed prophetic powers.

Most civilizations see Opal as a lucky stone. In the Middle Ages, it was considered that it could provide great luck as it carried all the virtues of each gemstone whose colour was represented in the Opal. 

It is believed to reflect the mood of the wearer and is a very emotional stone. Even known to ease childbirth and regulate insulin!

Pictured: Our One-off Opal Bracelet

Do you have a favourite type of jewellery?

'Aww, how can I choose??? I'm truly obsessed with all types of jewellery, but if I had to choose, it would be rings, because you can wear as many as you fit on your 10 fingers. I just hate to leave any behind. Another reason rings are my fave is due to the vast array of styles and stones they're available in, something for each individual taste. It always makes my day when another new, one-off pieces comes into my store.'

Pictured: Jenny's beautiful Silver Scene pop up Christmas stall.

Tell us something you love about the town/city your store is in.

'Glastonbury is a unique town with mixture of wonderful, friendly people. The town is always full of excitement and colour.

It's a place where you can get something different. There are many independent, alternative shops, with welcoming staff that are always happy to help and chat.

The town's most famous for the Tor and the Festival. Many people travel from across the world just to experience the energy that's in the town. Most visitors want to live here and don't want to leave.'

Pictured: Our beautiful rings at Glastonbury Festival; Summer Competition entry 2022.


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