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Rated 4.8 Stars on Facebook Reviews
Free Shipping Throughout the United Kingdom
Free Gift Box on any Order
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The Silver Circle: Where jewellery meets community

In a world dominated by mass-produced fashion and 24-hour trends, the value of brand community and family becomes more important than ever. As fast fashion escalates to new heights, consumers are seeking more than just a quick buy; they crave connection through identity and shared passions. In this landscape, which is often hard to navigate, we at Silver Scene have always championed our authenticity and individuality.

Over the last 25 years we have forged our fabulous community who value our silver, not only as an accessory, but as a symbol of belonging to an extended family of jewellery lovers. Remarkably, for the short time we’ve been online, we’ve already accumulated 2,221 loyal members.


Staff Insights..

“I met one of our customers about 5 years ago when she first came into one of our Silver Scene shops. I’ve gotten to know what she likes so well that I can always recommend the perfect jewellery for her. She ended up moving away but we still chat to this day.” Kati - Operations Manager, Bristol.

Would you like to be a part of the Silver Scene family? Keep reading for all the info!


Stay connected..

Beyond being a simple purchase, jewellery brings life to our daily gaze and evolves into a cherished family heirloom – connecting generations. We love knowing a piece of our jewellery, that has been lovingly selected and gift-boxed in one of our shops, has become part of someone’s life long story.

Our customers are part of OUR life long story, and to express our gratitude, we created The Silver Circle community. Becoming a member unlocks a wide range of benefits and perks that takes jewellery shopping to a whole new level.


silver circle jewellery loyalty card


Sign up either online or in any of our stores (Bristol, Brighton, Glastonbury, Taunton and Totnes) and you'll receive an email within a week with your member number. Use this number, in any shop, to collect your new loyalty card and a 10% welcome discount, start accumulating rewards instantly. Earn a stamp every £10 you spend in our shops, and once you have a full card, we give you £20 store credit! We’ll also send you a monthly newsletter with exclusive members only offers, discounts and engaging insights into the world of Silver Scene.

Follow the link to start your Silver Circle journey and become part of the Silver Scene family!



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