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Unearthing Treasures: Our trip to The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Nestled in the heart of the Southwest, Arizona is a haven for rock and gem enthusiasts and traders from around the world. Every year, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show attracts seekers of earthly treasures to go on a captivating journey through the incredible world of minerals, fossils, and gemstones.

The Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase is a vast spectacle that takes place in multiple locations across the city of Tucson. The key event, The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, is where Marcus, co-owner of Silver Scene, embarks on his annual expedition to find the most mesmerising stones to create the unique jewellery that you know and love in our shops.

Did you know that Marcus and Trudi established Silver Scene during the mid-1990s? Their journey began while exploring Southeast Asia, where they found inspiration amidst the beauty of the handmade artistry of Bali, Indonesia. This spark ignited their enduring jewellery venture, which continues to thrive today.

Upon entering the exhibit halls, you are greeted by a stunning array of colours. Countless booths showcase specimens from every corner of the globe. Walking through the aisles is like journeying through Earth's timeline, with fossils dating back millions of years and crystals formed under immense pressure.

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To name even just a few of the beautiful gemstones chosen by Marcus, that are now on their way to our jewellery makers: Charoite, Eudialyte, Opal, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Brazilian Quartz, Ammonite, Moonstone and Purple Labradorite.

Staff Gemstone Favourites: "One of the stones we are most excited about this year is Purple Labradorite. We have never stocked the purple variation of this stone, so most of us have never actually seen this gemstone in person before!"

Dendritic quartz stones purple amethyst geode red gemstones golden quartz gemstones


The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show isn't just a visual feast – it's also an opportunity to engage with passionate experts and enthusiasts, eager to share knowledge and passion among a like-minded community.

"When you spend the morning discussing the Brazilian gem cutting industry, have lunch with an American Turquoise miner and end the day having a beer with an Australian Opal polisher, that’s when you know we get the best gems from the best people direct from source."

- Marcus, co-owner of Silver Scene.

Every visit we make to The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, awing at the worlds most magnificent geological wonders we contribute to the expanding canvas of Silver Scenes gemstones. Every step in our jewellery’s journey is thoughtfully orchestrated and infused with a deep appreciation for gemstones, fossils and minerals. We will always stay dedicated to empowering and sustaining small business and its devoted community.

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