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All about Blue Topaz & Citrine - The Birthstones for November

All about Blue Topaz & Citrine - The Birthstones for November

If you were born in November then Blue Topaz & Citrine are both your birthstones!

Blue Topaz is a super popular and gorgeous gemstone. It ranges in different shades of Blue and is associated with eternal friendship and long lasting love.

Citrine is part of the Quartz family and like Blue Topaz the stone coloration varies from paler to darker shades of yellow/orange. This stone carries the energy of the sun, replacing negative feelings with positive energy.

At Silver Scene we love using Blue Topaz and Citrine in our designs. Both are perfect as loved ones gifts or as treats for yourself!

One-off Blue Topaz Twig Ring - Size P1/2 Citrine Mazu Pendant Swiss Blue Topaz Sparkly Dream Earrings

Blue Topaz


Blue Topaz is formed in cavities in igneous rocks like granite. The crystals grow when the magma is cooling and when there's enough fluorine or aluminium to enable the formation.

The gemstone was discovered by the British explorer Max Ostro in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The 'Ostro Stone' is on display in the UK's Natural History Museum and is one of the largest stones to ever go on display, with a total of 9,381 carats! 

Over the years, countries like Mexico, Australia and Nigeria have mass produced Blue Topaz making the gemstone more cost-effective. 

Blue Topaz comes in 3 different shades; Sky Blue, London Blue and Swiss Blue. Sky Blue is a very pale blue, London Blue is a darker blue tone and Swiss Blue is the bright, electric, more vivid blue of all three and therefore the most sought after. 

Swiss Blue Topaz Lyra Pendant

Pictured is our very popular Swiss Blue Topaz Lyra Pendant featuring a vibrant oval table cut, Swiss Blue Topaz stone in a simple setting. You can really see the enhanced beautiful blue colour in this pendant.

History and Legends

Blue Topaz has been used in jewellery for over 2000 years. It was once believed that Topaz would protect the wearer from dark magic. In the 12th century Saint Hildegard, a German nun, believed that Blue Topaz could cure blindness by soaking the stone in wine for 3 days and then rubbing it gently on the eyes.

For centuries Topaz stones were believed to be located on the Egyptian island in the Red Sea known as 'Topazios', known nowadays as 'St.Johns Island'. They believed the stone could protect them from enemies and was said to hold powers given by the sun God Ra.

The Greek word Topazion comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for fire. They used Topaz to prevent injuries and give strength to the wearer.

Healing Properties and Beliefs

Blue Topaz is a calming stone. It is thought to help with communication, creativity and the ability to express yourself. Great for writers block and to aid with public speaking. It is also thought to help with decision making, promote concentration and help recognize truth and wisdom.

It is believed to bring good fortune and be helpful to those trying to achieve a certain goal in life, while also attracting the right people for friendship, love or business. Known to also bring out the truth in any relationship for the better.




Citrine is usually found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Colombia, Madagascar and France. Most commercial gem-grade Citrine comes from Minas Gerais, Brazil (similar to Blue Topaz). For years they thought Citrine was a yellow Topaz but Topaz is harder and a heavier stone.

The stone is formed when Purple Amethyst or Smoky Quartz is heated by the Earth's mantle. The temperature has to be over 500-900°C for the colour to change.

The name Citrine comes from an old French word "Citrin," meaning lemon. 

 Silver Cubed Citrine and Tourmaline Bangle  

Pictured is our beautiful Silver Cubed Citrine and Tourmaline Bangle featuring an intricate design using cubes of Sterling Silver laid out in the style of the Pyrite Crystal formation. It is adorned, by hand with three set oval Citrine stones and with five set Tourmalines. 

History and Legends

 According to Chinese legends, Citrine is "The Stone of Success," and it should be given to generous people only. Ancient Chinese emperors wore Citrine as they believed it would increase intellectual capabilities and broaden the mind. Today, Citrine is used by modern Chinese students to help them succeed on exams. Many Chinese professors and teachers also use it when lecturing.

Citrine was dedicated to the Greek harvest goddess Demeter who is associated with productivity and the Egyptian goddess of war who is associated with power.   

The stone was first worn as jewellery by the Romans and become really popular during the Romantic Period. Many Europeans believed that the stone had powers against evil and snake venom.  

Citrine Serpent Earrings

Pictured is our Citrine Serpent Earrings featuring a stunning teardrop Citrine stone in a four claw setting. 

Healing Properties and Beliefs

Citrine is said to bring wealth and abundance. Its properties are also linked to creativity and is said to enhance mental clarity and activate imagination. It carries the power of the sun and is an exceedingly beneficial stone.

It was also known to broaden the mind, increase abundance, helps to emotionally balance the mind. 

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