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All about Turquoise - The Birthstone for December

All about Turquoise - The Birthstone for December

If you were born in December then Turquoise is your birthstone!

This beautiful semi precious gemstone is the only stone to be named after an official colour, making it instantly recognisable. One of the most versatile stones to wear as jewellery, making a vibrant appearance to any outfit.

The colours can range from an egg blue to a vibrant green, and has striking brown and black vein like detailing, which is known as 'the matrix'.

Turquoise has always been a popular stone in our shops, loved by staff and customers alike.

We have a stunning Turquoise collection online and in store. Our jewellery can't wait to make your outfit more fabulous than it already is.

Turquoise and Blue Topaz Achelois Earrings Turquoise Small Organic Pendant Turquoise Adara Ring


Turquoise has been discovered in every part of the world but currently produced in Mexico, USA, Chile, China and Egypt. 

The stone is usually formed when minerals such as copper and aluminium, chemically reacts due to water leaking through rocks. This forms the vein pattern, which is how the Turquoise stone is valued.

The copper gives the stone its blue colouring and the blue to green colour means the mineral consists of copper aluminium phosphate. If the mineral contains Zinc the Turquoise will be a yellowish colour.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is revered and highly sought after due to its pure sky blue colour which shows very little to no veining or webbing. It is still being collected from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, Arizona where a small operation of workers mines, processes and ships the stones.

 One-off Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Harper Pendant

Pictured is our beautiful One-off Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Harper Pendant. This sold instantly from our 'One-off', unique range. It shows the stone with no veins just a beautiful coloured stone.

History and Legends

Turquoise is one the worlds most ancient gems, used as talismans by kings, shamans and warriors across history. Turquoise has been seen by many civilizations as a sacred stone and used to bring power, luck and protection.

Like many stones the Egyptians were the first to mine Turquoise, some dating back to 6000 BC in the famous Sinai Peninsula mines. The stone was used in jewellery for thousands of years, but most importantly for royalty and set in Gold.


Pictured above the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh; Tutankhamun's Golden mask features Turquoise along with Lapis Lazuli  (another Silver Scene favourite).

To the Nepalese and Tibetan people the stone is known as the ‘sky stone’. The gemstone is gifted to children to keep them safe on their early life journey.

Healing Properties and Beliefs

Turquoise is believed to be a most efficient healer. A protective and purifying stone, it dispels negative energy and protects against pollutants in the environment. It assists with problem-solving, calms the nerves, strengthens the mind and brings inner calm.

Believed to be excellent for exhaustion, depression and known to prevent panic attacks. Ensuring a stress free day (just what everyone needs).

The stone is also a symbol of friendship and initiate romantic love, helping to communicate more meaningfully and deeply.

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