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Silver Scene's first shop - Taunton

Silver Scene's first shop - Taunton

After owners Marcus and Trudi's success at markets and festivals, they soon realised that in order to grow, they needed to create a permanent Silver Scene store.

They opened their first shop in the Old Market Centre, in Taunton in 1999 with the one and only Silver Scene legend, Fiona, as the manager. The location was an easy decision as they'd had a stall around the corner and had built up a loyal customer base in Taunton. Now known as The Orchard Centre, the former Pig Market has been the heart of Taunton for many years, first developed as a shopping centre in 1982 and then re-developed and re-branded in 2009.

We have the fabulous Kimy as Taunton's Manager now, she's a brilliant asset to Silver Scene and has helped train most of the staff. Her bubbly personality shines like Silver Scene jewellery!

We've interviewed Kimy to find out her favourite stone, why she loves working at Silver Scene and her thoughts on Taunton.

What do you love about working for Silver Scene ltd?

I love when we get our new stock and seeing what beautiful new designs we have. I also enjoy creating new displays to show off all the lovely new pieces. We have a great team and I've been lucky to work in 4 out of the 5 shops, so I get to meet many of our loyal customers.

Recent jewellery displays in Taunton; Aquamarine perfect for this months birthstone (left) and gorgeous Smoky Quartz (right).

Silver Scene's signature style of beautiful rings available in Taunton.

What's your favorite stone?

Like many of the Silver Scene girls, my favourite stone is Labradorite; it varies so much in colour and can be worn with anything.

I do also like unusual Quartz stones, such as Dendritic Quartz and Lodolite…which is actually the first stone I purchased when I started working for Silver Scene Ltd.


Labradorite is a beautiful gemstone, which can appear in many different colours. The colours range from an iridescent green, vivid blue, grey, or clear. The different tones are visible depending on the angle of the view and how the light hits the stone. This gives Labradorite a mystical appearance.

Because of its iridescent shimmering appearance, the Innuit people also believed that Labradorite was the Northern Lights trapped in stones. 

In Oriental culture the gem was known as a dazzling ‘phenomenal gem’ and to be worn on Saturdays for health and to bring good luck to the wearer.

The stone is believed to be very handy for people who suffer from insomnia. By keeping the stone close to the bed, it will help to relax the mind and have a better night’s sleep (worth a try!). 


Our Labradorite Square Stone Bracelet features twelve square cabochon, Labradorite stones in simple settings, plus one more gorgeous stone at the end of the extension chain.

How long have you worked for Silver Scene ltd?

My Silver Scene journey started part-time about 7 years ago, in the Totnes store, alongside our lovely Katie. Over the years I've also worked in the Taunton, Bristol and Glastonbury shops. I've now settled in Taunton, although I may still pop up in the other shops from time to time.

Kimy's wonderful pop up stall in HSBC, Taunton 2019.

Tell us something you love about the town/city your store is in.

Taunton has lots of lovely green areas and we are especially lucky to have Vivary Park just a short 5 minute walk from our shop. The canal is also beautiful to walk along in the summer. 

I like that its a big town but not a city. It has everything you need; shops, independent businesses, lots of lovely food places and country pubs. I feel like it still has a sense of community as I get a lot of regular customers and many friendly faces.

The beautiful flowers in Vivary Park, Taunton.

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