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The History of Silver Scene

The History of Silver Scene

Silver Scene is a trusted independent Silver Jewellery retailer and manufacturer. We have nearly twenty five years of experience in our field and have five beautiful retail shops located in Taunton, Bristol, Brighton, Totnes and Glastonbury. 


  Pictured: Featuring our stunning Labradorite collection.

Owners Marcus and Trudi began the company whilst travelling around South East Asia during the mid 90's. They wanted to find a way to keep exploring the world, whilst growing a career. In 1997, after spending time in central Bali, their adventure inspired them into the handmade art trade. Ubud in Bali, flourished with different types of craftsmanship; from traditional batik printing to carvings to high quality hand made Silver jewellery. 

In Marcus' words "I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the silver smith’s workshop, across that football field in Ubud. The smell and sound of a jewellery workshop is a wonderful thing, my eyes were greeted with the cherry red glow of solid silver being blasted with a flaming torch and a background symphony of hammering, polishing and filing. It was one of those moments in life when you suddenly know what you want to do."


 Pictured: Ubud, Bali Indonesia (left), Marcus at our Silver Smith's workshop (top right) and our gorgeous Labradorite pendant design, inspired by the shape of the swirls of Ubud's famous rice fields (bottom right). 

Increasing their knowledge as they go, the self motivated owners spent every last penny on posting sarongs, woodcarvings (that were soon not to be their thing) and Silver jewellery back to the UK to set up their own market stalls. After many cold market winters and summer festivals, they soon realised in order to grow, they needed to create a permanent Silver Scene store.

  Pictured: Marcus and Trudi's beautiful market stall display, late 90s.

They opened their first shop in the Old Market Centre, in Taunton in 1999 with Fiona as the Manager. After learning many tricks of the trade and striving for more, they slowly grew the company by opening shops in Bristol, Brighton, Totnes and Glastonbury. We now have our very own Silver Scene empire in the South of England!

1. Old Market Centre in Taunton, opened July 1999- Managed by the wonderful Kim.

2. The Arcade in Bristol, opened December 2003- Managed by the fabulous Ceris. 

3. The Lanes, Brighton, opened October 2006- Managed by the one and only Silver Scene legend, Fiona.

4. Totnes, opened May 2009- Managed by the fantastic Katie.

5. Gauntlet Arcade in Glastonbury, opened in May 2017- Managed by the superb Jenny.

6. Website launched in 2018, managed by the kick-ass team, Lacey & Kati.


Pictured: Our 5 shops; Bristol (top left), Totnes (bottom left), Glastonbury (top right), Taunton (bottom right) & Brighton (middle).

We have an amazing dedicated team who all share a passion for Silver and semi-precious stone jewellery. We adore the unique, intricate and beautiful designs, that the company sells. Our stone pieces have been ethically designed and made by hand by Silver Scene Ltd in our workshops in Bali, Indonesia. Our one-off designs are spectacular and you can see the level of craftsmanship that's gone into making the pieces. All staff members are very proud to be part of an independent business selling affordable, quality and fair products to customers.

Pictured: The owner Trudi, with some of our wonderful Silver Scene team(top), pendant designs (bottom left) and our stunning ring photoshoot (bottom right).

As a team, we all talk everyday and even though our shops are spread out across the south of England, we work as one team...we call it "the Silver Scene family". We have all been trained by the fantastic Fiona, who has been working at the company from the beginning. She has helped open up every store and has an astounding knowledge of all things Silver Scene. She truly is a Silver Scene legend. 

 Pictured: Fiona, the OG of Silver Scene!


Trudi's Favorite stone is 'Lapis Lazuli' 

One of Trudi's first owned semi-precious stone pieces, was a raw Lapis ring that was handmade for her in New Zealand (her home country). This piece inspired one of her first designs for Silver Scene, and she was excited to tell us that when you breathe on the stone, the flecks of Pyrite appear more gold! Lapis was highly valued by the Egyptians. The golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen was richly inlaid in Lapis.

 Pictured: Our Lapis Lazuli Ellipse Statement Ring, showcasing the gorgeous twinkling flecks of Pyrite. 

Trudi and Fiona visit the Amberif expo in Poland every year to purchase our fabulous Amber collection, assuring that we stock only the highest quality of Baltic Amber jewellery. 

Pictured: Trudi and Fiona at the Amberif Trade Show in 2019 in Gdansk, Poland.

Amber is made from fossilized tree resin and can sometimes contain small insects and animals. The majority of Amber comes from the Baltic region and washes up onto its shores. It ranges between 35 to 50 million years old. Used in jewellery and talismans as far back as the Stone Age, it was so highly valued by the Vikings, who called it Baltic gold, and they used it as a currency similar in value to actual gold.

 Pictured: Our Amber Joanna Pendant; featuring a free-form, triangle shaped, stunning dark toffee Baltic Amber stone set in a simple Sterling Silver setting.


Marcus' Favorite stone is 'Opal'

At Silver Scene, our Opals have been individually hand picked by Marcus, bringing only the best quality Australian Opals to our designs.


Pictured: Our intriguing Opal collection photoshoot (top), Marcus designing with our gemstones (bottom left), Our One-off Opal Lena Earrings (bottom right). 

Opal is one of the most beautiful and unique gemstones in the world. Magnificent colours, such as iridescent pinks, purples, reds, blues and greens, appear like little galaxies trapped in stones. You can never get bored gazing into Opals!

Even during a pandemic, Silver Scene still strives to bring you exceptional and unusual Sterling Silver Jewellery to complement your style and offer you the best customer service experience we can.

We’re a small company but we think big, we trade fair and we love what we do.

Blog written by Kati Johnson and Lacey Berry (E-Commerce/Social Media Managers).

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